Community Activities



 Shopping provides the profits

that help the kids. As a member 

you will receive special savings.



Volunteering keeps costs down

and more money for the kids. 

You also get special discounts.



Both cash and gently used

items are deeply appreciated.

Both help maximize funding.

Community Member Comments


 This is my new place. Quality products and the prices are fabulous. Most importantly
I love everyone who works here!  



"I like that you are both a non-profit

and a faith-based store. 

I like donating to help the kids."


"I come every week all the

  from Grandview to shop  

I love this store. ."






How It Works

Join the Community


You shop, donate, and/or volunteer 

at Angels Attic non-profit thrift store 

to raise the funds being requested.

Review Requests


Requests for funds from educators at

 Catholic & non-Catholic (k-12) schools

 in the Northland area are reviewed.

Distribute Funds


Approved requests 

are sent the funds for 

requested purposes.  

"The Attic" Blog

 Welcome to the Angels Attic blog. We'll be posting from time to time about the people, activities and happenings that make 'the Attic' so fun. 

About Us


Why You Are So Important

We all know that faith-based education struggles to make ends meet.

No government handouts or tax money.

That is why together we can come together to help the teachers and kids.

Your support-volunteering, donating, shopping-generate the money for us to donate to them. 

Its YOU who makes the difference. 

Let's join together and help them out. 


Please donate items you would only give to a friend or relative. Gently used items or merchandise in good in working order is gratefully accepted and appreciated. 

We're Sorry But We Can't Take:

Gas powered equipment

Broken or tv's with picture tubes

Broken, stained or foul smelling furniture

Soiled, torn clothing

Exercise equipment

Pianos or organs

Large printers

Built in appliances (dishwashers, window air conditioners, etc)

Construction materials (lumber, pipes, etc.)

Car seats, strollers, cribs, baby beds (illegal to resell) 

Auto parts-tires, mufflers, fenders, etc.

Flammable materials


Broken helmets



10am-5pm M-F

10am-4pm Saturday 


Inappropriate 'donations' are expensive for us to have hauled away and thereby reduce the amount of money we can donate to others. Please donate appropriately during business hours.

CASH DONATIONS: Please contact Dan Spencer at

Prayer Request Service

The Angels Attic Prayer Request initiative has begun. We have assembled a group of prayer warriors to volunteer their time each week to pray for the concerns of those who reach out requesting prayer. Please feel free to drop your prayer requests in the red/yellow box in the store. We will get them to our prayer team.



We send emails to our registered community members almost every day announcing the daily specials. Sign up today and begin receiving your messages and save even more.

People News

Thank you to the dozens of folks who volunteer as cashiers, back-stage sorters, dock help, salespeople and prayer team. Angels Attic community thrift store only works because of you

We still need dozens more volunteers to operate well for our shoppers.  Please email, call or drop by.   Join the team today!

Common Questions

What is your legal status? 

Angels Attic is a non-profit thrift store registered in the state of Missouri. 


Who do you donate the profits to?  

Community profits primarily support Catholic and non-Catholic Christian (k-12) school students. 

These schools don't receive the same government funding public schools receive and must rely on the good will of others to remain viable. 

As a faith-based non-profit, we believe these students deserve our support in becoming faith-filled, compassionate, virtuous leaders. That is our Community Mission.

What do you mean by Community?

The Angels Attic Community is comprised of all those who participate in the Mission by shopping, donating or volunteering at Angels Attic. 

How is Angels Attic different from other thrift stores?

The difference is not WHAT we are.

The difference is WHY we exist at all. 

We are not a thrift store with a cause, we are a Mission that happens to be funded by a thrift store. 

The people we serve come first. By using a thrift store as the means of funding the Mission we involve many more people in giving the profits away. All of us are stronger and better than any one of us. So please join us!


YOU are the heroes!


Join the Community

Thanks for Joining! Special discounts, events and benefits are coming your way.

Come Visit Your Store

We love visitors, so feel free to visit during business hours.

Angels Attic Thrift Store

6970 N. Broadway St. KCMO 64118




10:00 am – 06:00 pm


10:00 am – 06:00 pm


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10:00 am – 06:00 pm


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10:00 am – 05:00 pm